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Hello fellow patriots, proud Americans and loyal defenders of the constitution, we are the chosen. United States congressman, Dr. Ron Paul is running for the presidency in 2008. With a reputation built on honor, patriotism, and integrity, Dr. Paul is trying to take back America, reinstate our Constitution and destroy the path of tyranny on which we are heading. Unlike the "top tier" canidates, Dr. Paul doesn't have unlimited financial capabilities at his fingertips. It is because of this that Dr. Paul needs an army of grass-roots, dedicated soldiers willing to spread his message of FREEDOM in every ear throughout the towns and cities of this great nation.

We cannot let the mainstram media pre-determine Dr. Paul's fate as they are attempting to do. Ron Paul represents the ideals laid into place by our founding fathers and it is the haters of freedom who thrive on more government, mass manipulation and paralyzing fear. These power-hungry tyrants will stop at nothing to snuff out our campaign of LIBERTY! That is why we must start now! You can make a differnce by rising to the occasion and covering your police state with flyers, posters and banners promoting Dr. Ron Paul. The more we can get his name out there, the more people are exposed to him and the better chance we have of getting him into the White House to restore the integrity and liberty of this great country!

I have taken the liberty (pun intended) of making a poster/stencil of Ron Paul with two different phrases at the bottom. One says "Save America Ron Paul 2008," and the other "Defeat Tyranny Ron Paul 2008." I created this to be a stencil that can be simply printed, cut out and spray-painted anywhere. However, after printing a few out, I realized that they also make really good looking as-is posters to put on community bulliten boards, telephone poles, etc. Either way works great, but the Ron Paul graphic spray-painted black from the stenicl looks really, really bold and compelling.

I must say that Ron Paul would NEVER endorse any kind of illegal grafitti, destruction of property or unauthorized spray-painting to promote his campaign. With that disclaimer stated, I urge you to spraypaint the Ron Paul stencils in areas of clear visibility, high traffic and maximum exposure. (think stoplights, stop signs, areas of interstate congestion) If you feel so compelled to illegally spray-paint these to government-funded concrete structures such as bridges, overpasses or parations, I can't stop you, but please use caution. And though it isn't advised to do any illegal graffiti, NEVER deface private property under any cirumstance because doing this contradicts the whole spirit of the Ron Paul message. There are countless legal applications for these stencils such as, bold, yard signs, posters, protest pickets, shirts, jackets, bags and anything else you can imagine. You can even place the stencil on your vehicles window, or door and paint it with shoe polish rather than real paint. Advertising liberty on a vehicle is a great place because it will be viewed by so many different people each day. Whenever you want it off, simply wash the polish away and it's like it was never there. Be creative and take charge in Ron Paul's grass-roots revolution. Our revolution. Your revolution!

Instructions For Stencil
The graphic is already set to the standard size of a sheet of paper. All you have to do is click on the link for the graphic and print it from your printer. If you only want this for a page-sized poster or flyer, you are finished. If you want to make the stencil, all you have to do is the following: I reccomend using a piece of tranparency paper for overhead projectors. These can be obtained at any office supply store for very cheap. (if you don't have access, poster-board or cardboard works as well, it's just harder to cut) Simply tape the tranparency over the Ron Paul print-out and carefully cut out all the black portions of the poster. I reccomend using an exacto knife or just a basic razer blade. After carefully removing all of the black area, you will have a perfect cut-out of the stencil. You may find that the head portion of the stencil may be a bit floppy. To stabilize it and keep the head upright while being held vertically, just tape a thin portion of thread to the head, and the other end of thread to the top of the stencil. The thread is so thin, the spraypaint goes right through it and will not affect the painting's outcome. Next, tape or hold the stencil gently to whatever surface you want to paint, hold a can of flat-black spraypaint about 3-9 inches from the stencil and spray evenly. Carefully remove the stencil and VOILA, you have contributed the the Ron Paul Revolution and the preservation of our United States of America. Stand proud.

Please send me any pictures of your posters or stencils in the place you left it. Of course this is anonymous, so don't put yourself in the picture unless you want to be seen! I will post all of the pictures sent to me here on this website, so everyone can view the revolution taking place all over the country! So hit the streets fellow Americans, we have work to do! With our help, Dr. Ron Paul can get this country back on the right track and leave tyranny in the past where it belongs!

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